Adam Fincik

Community Leadership




About Adam Fincik

Adam Fincik is the Co-Owner and Production Manager at Planet Roof (formerly A&T Roofing and Construction), located outside of Pittsburgh, PA. His company is well-known in their area for their not only work, but also for their stellar customer service. Before founding the business in 2015, Adam worked a plethora of construction-related jobs, including the position of Crew Leader at G&W Construction. As a small business owner, and one who built the company from the ground up, it is important for Adam and his partner that they help their community grow and prosper alongside them. Adam and his team have been committed to giving back to their local community whenever possible, including volunteering opportunities and philanthropic donations.

For much of his life, Adam didn’t have much, making him incredibly appreciative and humbled by the life he has built for himself. However, as a result of his experiences, he is a firm believer in sharing the wealth. Not many people understand what it’s like to truly need something, so Adam and his partner ensure that the company gives and helps those in less fortunate. As his company grows, Adam Fincik vows to increase his charity work in tandem. Forecasting future projects, Adam hopes to soon work alongside a local rehabilitation center, either by providing regular donations or helping the facility pay their rent.

Most recently, Planet Roof has provided a few families in their community with Christmas presents. They are also frequent donors to local children’s hospitals and sports associations. One such sports league is the Mon Valley Thunder Youth Hockey Association—an organization that is close to Adam’s heart—where he first fell in love with the sport of hockey. 

From his first step onto the ice at age 5, Adam was hooked on hockey. From that moment on, the sport became a way of life. A young Adam could be found at the rink most days out of the week, for hours on end. It was there he learned some of life’s most valuable lessons. His coach’s expectations for him helped shape his character and value responsibility and accountability for his actions. As the years went by, Adam came to understand that hockey was not his destined career path and moved his focus to coaching. That hasn’t, however, changed his approach to the game – he’s still often found on the rink (when not at home or working at Planet Roof) and his passion for improvement hasn’t waned a bit.

Looking back, Adam Fincik emphasizes that the ability to help develop a hockey player is better than scoring a goal. Hands down. He loves to help a new generation find a love and respect for the sport and to begin to develop not only as a player, but a stand-up citizen.