During the tumultuous year that is (and soon will be ‘was’) 2020, it seems as though differences in all of their forms have been highlighted and focused on, typically in a profoundly negative light. Sometimes during times like these we forget to put certain things aside and accept differences for what they are – a positive force of diversity of people and opinion in your neighborhood. 

Being able to put differences aside, particularly durig times like these, can be of utmost importance in your community. 

How Diverse Opinions Improve Communities

Bringing communities together through healing and putting aside differences doesn’t mean that everyone needs to have the same beliefs. Many families, businesses and friends thrive when those with different opinions come together. Listening to understand, talking with kindness and educating one another makes everyone better. One way to do this is to acknowledge wrongful actions in the past. Take responsibility for the things that may have been done to hurt neighbors and go forward with the intent to be better. This can help communities heal and come together during this time of need for many.

Putting Aside Differences to Heal Communities

Now is the time for neighbors to come together, put aside things that may have happened during 2020 and help one another. Some ideas for bringing everyone together include:

  • Hold a neighborhood clean-up: Start at a local park, have plenty of trash bags and gloves and work together to make the neighborhood look better for those who live there and the surrounding communities. I’ve spoken about this previously, and it still holds true. Everyone can appreciate the value of a clean and well-kept living space. 
  • Have a fundraiser: Many people are struggling right now with unemployment, health concerns and/or depression. Organize a fundraiser to help people who are suffering in the neighborhood or around the world.

Don’t just wait for the dust to settle. Be proactive and improve the community by putting aside differences, working to serve one another and striving to make it a better place for everyone who lives there. Doing so may just spread to other communities until the country is healed.