The coronavirus pandemic has caused major setbacks in every industry, one being the volunteering and nonprofit sector. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing restrictions across the world, it may be hard to volunteer like before but that doesn’t mean the show must stop. The majority of nonprofits and organizations rely on help from volunteers as they don’t have many workers. One of the biggest issues right now is the homeless and unemployed population. These individuals are out of work, food, and even shelter. Volunteering during a time like this can be comforting as you offer a helping hand to people in your community.


Due to the 70% increased need for meals during the pandemic, there is also an increased need for volunteers. Whether you go in person to pack up bags and boxes or make calls to local donors, you’re helping more people than you think. Feeding America has a nationwide network of 60,000 food banks and has continued to take donations to help fund food banks across the country. Consider being a delivery driver for a food bank and drop meals off at people’s doorsteps. Reach out to local homeless shelters that have continued to offer meals to not only individuals under their roof but ones out on the street. Many school districts have also continued to give out meals to students and families.


If you aren’t comfortable with interacting with people consider volunteering virtually. Many organizations are willing to receive help in very unique ways. Some tasks may include data entry, web design, marketing, and fundraising phone calls. This is perfect for individuals who want to give back and learn some new skills along the way. If there’s a community fundraising event coming up, consider volunteering as a social media manager to help spread the word across platforms. Communities are stronger together. Informing others about ways they can help fundraise and volunteer can bring in more help to nonprofit organizations.


Many people may feel like everything in their lives is up in the air right now due to the world’s circumstances. Fortunately, being a volunteer on the front line during this pandemic can help you make this world a better place. For those who are unable to go out onto the field, consider looking into virtual volunteer opportunities near you. Remember to be safe and follow social distancing guidelines.